Our commitment

Our environment is our past and our present and what we will have to secure for our future. At Viduca, we have accepted that responsibility.

As a company in the Food Industry, it is very important for us to focus our efforts on the visible and sustainable aspects of our activity such as: infrastructure (facilities and machinery), resources and raw materials (materials), and how these ultimately impact our products.

We are concerned with constantly investing in improving our infrastructure to make our environment more sustainable. Technological updates have allowed us to grow as a company, but also to improve our attitude towards the environment.

All the raw materials we transform are recyclable and 100% safe for consumers. Viduca manufactures BPA-free plastic packaging.


At Viduca, we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals adhered to the framework of the 2030 Agenda promoted by the UN. With this commitment, we join the action to try to add value to society by carrying out specific actions that promote the creation of a fairer and more equal society.


OCS Initiative

The OCS Initiative, Operation Clean Sweep®, is a global initiative of the plastics industry to prevent the release of plastic particles (pellets, flakes, dust) into the environment, which can occur unintentionally at any stage of the plastics value chain: Production, handling, transportation, transformation, and recycling. The OCS is a voluntary program for responsible management, with the aim of ensuring that in all operations involving plastic pellets, good cleaning and pellet control practices are applied to prevent leaks into the environment. Learn more information here https://anaip.es/ocs/


The MORE Platform, driven by ANAIP (Spanish Association of Plastics Industrialists), represents a solid commitment to circular economy and sustainability in the plastics industry. This initiative brings together companies committed to the use of recycled plastics in their products, promoting material circularity and reducing environmental impact. Through the MORE seal, participating companies demonstrate their commitment to innovation, quality, and respect for the environment, thus contributing to the construction of a more sustainable and responsible future in the plastics sector."

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