quality and food safety policy

We create and manufacture quality packaging for the food industry, preserving the ENVIRONMENT, as well as ensuring the product's SAFETY.


We design customized solutions and customized finishes, adapted to the needs of our customers, such as the application of digital printing labels.


Continue to improve in the processes of injection and thermoforming, as well as with our products manufactured in monolayer and multilayer materials, thus ensuring the conservation of all types of food.


Guarantee that the production of our products is subject to rigorous controls that ensure the safety of the product and protect the health of consumers by ensuring compliance with the standards of hygiene and food safety applicable to our products, processes and facilities, as well as for the fulfillment of the requirements of our clients.

The management of VIDUCA, S.L.U has established an effective Organization system based on Processes and their interactions, by meeting the requirements established in the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard.

This policy of quality and food safety (F.S.)is the frame of reference to develop the objectives consistent with it and established by the functions and organization of the company.


• All the employees are aware of the needs and expectations of the customers, which are the ones that are continually taken into account to develop their work.

• It is intended to fully integrate employees who perform their work fully involved and with the achievement of their objectives of quality and food safety, integrated into the heart of the organization.

• The technical team is always aware of new developments and technologies, to adapt it to our processes and benefit from the security of the final product.

• Continuous improvement of quality in all departments of the company.

• Personalized and direct attention to the final customer, which helps to obtain greater efficiency in our relationships.

• Use first quality materials to ensure the obtaining of an optimal final product.

• Be committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and F.S.


This will be reviewed periodically to develop continuous improvement as a key aspect to achieve excellence and maintain leadership in the market.


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