Customize your packaging 360º

How do we do it?

In Viduca we have a Design and Printing Department which integrates all packaging customization processes. We create and adapt our customers’ designs into digital printing labels. We offer global solutions for all printing processes of labels: design, ink testing, prototypes 2D and 3D... We control thus all production processes and it help us to work directly with our customers.

We believe in the need to customize each product and that is why we engage fully in these aspects and offer customized solutions to the requirements of identification of food products.

We provide innovative packaging solutions to adapt the brand image of our customers.

Bespoke solutions

In addition to our standard options, Viduca pursue innovation, opening the door to the design of new models, prototypes, or moulds and to the realization of bespoke projects and ideas, customized to the client.

We provide innovative packaging solutions adapted to the brand image of customers.



We developed the idea of packaging best meets the needs of your product.

We will consider: Design, Materials, Capacity, Uses & Production Process.



After doing the briefing of ideas different designs 2D and 3D visualizations are proposed.

In this second step we defined virtually what they need for their product.



Once approved the idea we move to the next phase of prototypes. The virtual image to the real. We have a service prototype using 3D printing. Printing on plastic materials and try to see as will be your product in our package.



From prototype to the mould. Our tooling workshop can create two types of moulds.

- A first mould for industrial product testing with real materials and check how it will work in the customer's production process.

- And the last and definitive one, that give us a totally finished product.


First Pieces

Once the mould is created, it is checked that everything works correctly and the first pieces of your bespoke packaging are produced.

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