About us

Manufacturer of Plastic food Packaging

Viduca is a specialized manufacturer of Plastic Food Packaging. For more than 50 years now, we continue focusing our interest on developing high quality packaging.

We follow high quality standards, together with a constant investment on R+D+i. These measures allow us to provide effective solutions, adapted to meet our client’s specific needs.

Specialized on Injection moulding and Thermoforming processes, our products made on single and multi-layer coated materials, ensure a barrier effect protection, while guarantying a suitable food preservation on different fields: fresh and frozen products, canned food, precooked meals…

We produce a wide range of containers, designing them by our own team and expanding our services, in order to create bespoke and customized items.



Viduca Castalla

We were founded as a family company of plastic packaging.


Injection moulding & Blowing

The first food packaging products


Revolution of food industry

Injection moulding & blowing. The first plastic packaging for ice-cream, Pastries and semi-preserved food service packaging screen printing.


New office & Logistics center Viduca Alcoy

Injection Moulding & Thermoforming

Bespoke designs

Renovation of machinery robotization and automation

New finishes absorbent paqs

Service packaging screen and pad printing


Digital Revolution

3D Design and Labels

Injection Moulding & Thermoforming

Quality control laboratory

Study of raw materials

Service Packaging

Bespoke - Digital Label - 3D Design


3ª Generation

New age for Viduca: Research and Development

We continue innovating and growing at the food industry

During these more than 50 years we have lived stories of all kinds. We have laughed, we have cried. We have seen our children born, and the children of our clients. And we have also seen loved ones die. But above all, we have been able to enjoy the dream that one day the admirable Juan Gomar Fayos (1915-1981) had.


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