Spices and Seeds

Spices and seeds are processed to obtain the final product, some spices and seeds are sold whole, while others are in the form of powders or blends, in fresh, dried, crushed or ground form. They are used to add flavor, aroma and texture to various dishes and recipes in the food industry. 

Essential kitchen ingredients

Heat-sealed or manually sealed containers that are airtight ensure that aromas and flavors remain intact for a long period, thus extending the shelf life of the products. In addition, plastic containers are light and easy to handle, making them practical both for storage in the pantry and for daily use in the kitchen. With plastic containers for spices and seeds, chefs and cooking lovers can enjoy fresh, flavorful ingredients in every dish they prepare.

Packaging Solutions

Cubes are present in a multitude of sectors and industries and are suitable for different processes. The flexible and effective solution for food packaging.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, for countless foods and processes. Discover which is the most suitable and sustainable option for each product.

Jars and tubs are the most traditional option for food packaging. In addition to protecting food, they are easily stackable and are the most decorative option to present our product.

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