The pickle sector is an important part of the food industry, offering a wide variety of products that satisfy consumer preferences. Pickles are used as ingredients in the preparation of various dishes and are served as an accompaniment to many meals.

Olives, gildas, pickles...the new healthy snacks

The new healthy snacks, the traditional pickled foods that are now in fashion. Facilitating direct consumption from the packaging is our priority for these foods that are increasingly consumed as a daily snack or accompaniment to dishes.

Packaging Solutions

Cubes are present in a multitude of sectors and industries and are suitable for different processes. The flexible and effective solution for food packaging.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, for countless foods and processes. Discover which is the most suitable and sustainable option for each product.

Jars and tubs are the most traditional option for food packaging. In addition to protecting food, they are easily stackable and are the most decorative option to present our product.

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