Fish and Seafood

The fish and seafood sector are very wide because of its multiple varieties to present your products. Our trays and package are designed for this large sector and all the processes: cooked fish and seafood, fresh or prepared, frozen products, fish fillets, vacuum packed or skin...

Fish and seafood, fresh or frozen?

The fishing industry offers us a multitude of options with fish and seafood products. Our country surrounded by waters gives us this raw material that we have known how to transform into an immense variety of fresh, prepared, frozen products... the wide variety of packaging that we have allows us to package each product in its container/tray or jar to ensure all the properties. natural ingredients of fish and shellfish.

Packaging solutions

Ideal for industrial packaging processes. Stackable and lightweight, the trays are the most sustainable solution for larger volume foods.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, for countless foods and processes. Discover which is the most suitable and sustainable option for each product.

Jars and tubs are the most traditional option for food packaging. In addition to protecting food, they are easily stackable and are the most decorative option to present our product.

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