Semipreserved food

The canning or semi-preserved food sector, whether of fish, vegetables or animal products, is one of the most important sectors for our packaging. Any of our tubs or trays are certified for the use of oils and other preservatives.

Preserved or semi-preserved?

A very popular and ancient practice is to be able to extend the useful life of food. Throughout history we have done it in many ways.

The ideal containers for canned or semi-preserved foods are those that can keep the food fresher for longer. Facilitating the preservation of foods prepared in oil, vinegar or other preservatives while keeping them safe is the objective of our plastic containers.

Soluciones de envasado

Cubes are present in a multitude of sectors and industries and are suitable for different processes. The flexible and effective solution for food packaging.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, for countless foods and processes. Discover which is the most suitable and sustainable option for each product.

Jars and tubs are the most traditional option for food packaging. In addition to protecting food, they are easily stackable and are the most decorative option to present our product.

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