The best complement to a container is always in its closure. Custom lids are the best solution to differentiate our products in retails.

Protection for packaging and food

Food protection is the purpose of these lids, which allow us to reuse our containers and extend the useful life of our food. Available both for trays, trays, round containers and as a complement to tin containers for preserves.

Production process

  • Injection
  • Thermoforming


  • Design
  • Digital printing labels
  • Absorbent pads
  • Custom packaging

Materials and uses

    • Single-layer materials:
    • Recycled materials: rPET / rPET-PE / rPET-EVOH-PE

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Frequently Questions

Packaging Recycling - Are the packages recyclable?
Yes, our packages are designed to be recyclable. We are committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, so we actively promote the recycling of our packages to contribute to the circular economy.
How many types of plastic are there?
The most common types of plastics used in packaging are PET (polyethylene terephthalate) ♳, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) ♴, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ♴, LDPE (low-density polyethylene) ♶, PP (polypropylene) ♷, and PS (polystyrene) ♸, along with others composed of composite materials in multiple layers ♹.
Recycled Material - Do the containers contain recycled material?
Yes, some of our containers contain recycled material. We strive to incorporate recycled material into our manufacturing processes to reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote material reuse.
Bisphenol FREE - Is the plastic we use free of Bisphenol?
Yes, the plastic we use is free of Bisphenol (BPA). We are committed to offering Bisphenol-free packaging to ensure the safety of our products and the health of our consumers.