Our plastic buckets are suitable for storing and storing both solid and liquid products. The ideal solution for practical packaging.

Hermetic and manual closure

The round buckets, bottles and glasses, manufactured using the Injection process, with Polypropylene plastic material and suitable for contact with food, are hermetically closed with the lid and thus offer ideal storage for all types of food.

Production process

  • Injection


  • Design
  • Digital printing labels
  • Absorbent pads
  • Custom packaging

Materials and uses

    • Single-layer materials:

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Frequently Questions

Packaging Recycling - Are the packages recyclable?
Yes, our packages are designed to be recyclable. We are committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, so we actively promote the recycling of our packages to contribute to the circular economy.
What types of plastic materials are most suitable for my product?
The suitability of materials depends on the processes and the food you intend to package. Not all materials are suitable for all processes (freezing, pasteurization, refrigeration, sterilization, or other thermal processes). Check our materials chart or consult with our sales representatives to find the perfect fit for your product.
Bisphenol FREE - Is the plastic we use free of Bisphenol?
Yes, the plastic we use is free of Bisphenol (BPA). We are committed to offering Bisphenol-free packaging to ensure the safety of our products and the health of our consumers.
What capacities are available?
Available capacities may vary depending on the type of packaging and its design. Capacities can be measured in terms of volume, size, weight, or the amount of product the packaging can hold. Consult with us to learn about the specific capacities available for the packaging you need. Each of our products is identified with the capacity in ml.
How can I customize my packaging?
You can customize your packaging in various ways, such as choosing the material, graphic design, colors, and shape. You can also consider custom printing using digital labels.
BRC Packaging Protocol - What does the BRC Packaging quality protocol entail?
The BRC Packaging Protocol is a global standard for safety and quality in the production and supply of packaging materials. It focuses on ensuring food safety, product quality, and packaging integrity throughout the entire supply chain. It includes detailed requirements for quality management, product safety, process control, and traceability.