Big trays

We have a wide range of trays for all types of food and processes. The varied capacities, the wide range of references and types of material available, manufactured using the thermoforming and injection processes, are ideal for sale in retail, hotels and restaurants. Whether thermosealable or manually sealed with tamper evident seals, we facilitate the packaging process for all types of foodstuffs.

Fresh and ready-to-cook food

Trays are the solution to large quantities of food for hotels and restaurants. A solution for kitchens and catering or wholesale for small distribution. It allows you to easily transport fresh, frozen or pre-cooked foods ready to handle, cook or serve on the plate.

Production process

  • Injection
  • Thermoforming


  • Design
  • Digital printing labels
  • Absorbent pads
  • Custom packaging

Materials and uses

    • Single-layer materials:
    • Multi-layer / barrier materials:
    • Recycled materials: rPET / rPET-PE / rPET-EVOH-PE

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Frequently Questions

What types of plastic materials are most suitable for my product?
The suitability of materials depends on the processes and the food you intend to package. Not all materials are suitable for all processes (freezing, pasteurization, refrigeration, sterilization, or other thermal processes). Check our materials table or consult with our sales representatives to determine the perfect fit for your product.
Recycled Material - Do your packages contain recycled material?
Yes, some of our packages contain recycled material. We strive to incorporate recycled material into our manufacturing processes to reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote material reuse.
Packaging Recycling - Are your packages recyclable?
Yes, our packages are designed to be recyclable. We are committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, so we actively promote the recycling of our packages to contribute to the circular economy.
What is an absorbent pad? Uses and applications.
An absorbent pad is a material that absorbs liquids and is commonly used in packaging for fresh products. Its main function is to keep the product dry by absorbing any excess liquid and extending the product's shelf life. It is used in foods such as meat, fruits, and vegetables.
Bisphenol FREE - Is the plastic you use free of Bisphenol?
Yes, the plastic we use is Bisphenol (BPA) free. We are committed to providing Bisphenol-free packaging to ensure the safety of our products and the health of our consumers.
In addition to your standard options, can you create a design that suits our needs?
Yes, we have a design team that can create custom mold and packaging designs to meet your specific needs and requirements.