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Provide added value to your products with all of our customized services. Our goal is to make work easier for all of our customers by offering finished products.

We provide innovative packaging solutions to adapt the brand image of our customers.

Self-adhesive digital labels

Self-adhesive digital labels allow you to customize our packaging to create unique products:

- We have more printing inks to create high-resolution images. They have more quality of the image, superior to other traditional printing labels.

- Automated label application, thus prevents subsequent manipulations of the product by our customers.

- Maximum customization of the label. From our Design Department, we are able to create or adapt faithfully fitting your requirements in the design of the brand, and advise our clients on labelling standards for their texts and images conform to current legislation.

- Withstand freezing processes, pasteurization, sterilization, high temperature washing procedures and microwave for their plastic materials and adhesives.

- Purchase flexibility. Within the minimum order you can include different references and designs of your products.

- Provide Added-value to your products. We get better differenciated products on the market, on the shelves of supermarkets, retail stores and other points of sale. - It can be recycled both together the container with the label. We are aware of environmental impact and that is why we offer all our packaging with compatible materials.

Benefits of digital printing labeling

  • Packaging customization.

  • Added value: stands out in the linear differentiation.

  • Flexibility with agile and quick changes.

  • Minimum reduction.

  • Short runs
  • Adjust to current regulations: Consumer information.

  • Recycling - Easy separation of materials.

Absorbent pads

We have an automatic application system of absorbent pads that facilitates customers to package their products in theirs production chains.

Absorbent pads help the absorption of liquids, ideal for meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Available in different colors and absorptions. Suitable for different refrigeration, freezing or microwave processes.

Benefits of absorbent pads


Prevents microbial growth, extending the life of the product.


    Absorption and retention of liquids even in tilted positions.

      •    AESTHETIC:

      Available in different colors, sizes and absorption capacities (m2 / ml)*.


      Provides absorption of liquids by means of cellulose and open edges..

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